Autonomous Indoor Robot Navigation Using a Sketch Interface for Drawing Maps and Routes

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Conference Paper


IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (2016)


Hand-Drawn sketches are natural means by which abstract descriptions of environments can be provided. They represent weak prior information about the scene, thereby enabling a robot to perform autonomous navigation and exploration when a full metrical description of the environment is not available beforehand. In this paper, we present an extensive evaluation of our navigation system that uses a sketch interface to allow the operator of a robot to draw a rough map of an indoor environment as well as a desired trajectory for the robot to follow. We employ a theoretical framework for sketch interpretation, in which associations between the sketch and the real world are modeled as local deformations of a suitable metric manifold. We investigate the effectiveness of our system and present empirical results from a set of experiments in real-world scenarios, focusing both on the navigation capabilities and the usability of the interface.

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